The spread of Move Commons application would trigger pretty interesting dynamics all-around. Some of them will be unexpected, others we can only hope for. We built the following list of desired implications we could expect.

Implications of the four questions

  • Non-Profit / For-Profit: MC encourages people who want to get involved (but don’t know how) and facilitates their participation as they can easily find where they can help according to their interests and areas of expertise.
  • Reproducible / Exclusive: MC promotes “good practices” in activism activities, the same way that the scientific method foments “good science”: the principle of reproducibility is basic in science. Still, there will be initiatives that for certain reasons (privacy, secrecy or just uniqueness) prefer to keep their work protected.
  • Reinforcing the Commons: MC impulses the protection and expansion of the Commons, and the construction of initiatives that follow such line in the solutions to our social problems, in each field of action.
  • Grassroots / Hierarchical: MC promotes networked grassroot initiatives according to the new paradigms of organization that are currently emerging as an alternative to bureaucratic pyramidal hierarchies. Though in this transition period, many collectives still prefer to keep certain levels of representativeness inside their internal structures.

Implications for the collectives

  • MC stimulates the internal evolution of collectives towards the principles of Non-Profit, Reproducible, Reinforce the Commons and Grassroots.
  • MC allows people to find alternatives in each field of action and the collectives that are working in these areas, forming a global directory.
  • MC allows clustering:
    • Automatic alliance with similar groups (collectives don’t tend to put enough effort into getting to know other similar initiatives).
    • It reduces the duplication of efforts, encouraging collaboration.
    • It facilitates reaching critical mass (e.g. seed bank initiatives joined together to trigger exponential growth as they quickly become more known)

Implications for the volunteers

  • MC promotes equality in choosing collectives to collaborate with, without giving priority to the larger ones that have the most resources or more widespread advertising.
  • MC facilitates local action by providing easy access to information on small and local groups acting in your community, which are oftenly not well-known and have few resources.
  • MC promotes mobility among volunteers and collectives.

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